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Interview with New Fantasy Author - S.L. Horne

By: Gina Salamon

First, I have to ask, where did the idea for your RISE OF THE OMNI series come from?

The idea truly came from my love for fairytales, along with a new word I discovered. I learned the word 'Sonder' and couldn't get over the concept as a painter. I wanted to use this word to describe the feeling I get when creating my art. There is always a story behind a work of art, but that story is rarely ever told.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of SONDER, Book One of this series?

About two months. On average, I was writing about one thousand words a day. Between being active duty and raising my then 6-month-old son alone because my husband was deployed, I didn't always make that mark, but I kept at it.

Tell us something else about this series that might pique a reader's interest.

I had literally no idea where I was going with this book as I began writing. I started with five completely stand-alone fables I wrote with the intention of writing a fairytale, a simple conglomeration of short stories for fun and light reading. After writing the fifth fable, I took a long look at what I had as a whole and knew these stories were not reaching their full potential. I decided to blend them into a full-length story and use my favorite new word (Sonder) to piece them all together.

For those of us who have already devoured your first book, we want to know if the next book in the series is already written, and if so, when do you expect to release it?

I am currently working on Book Two, SIRE, and I can confidently say I expect it to be published within the next year, hopefully not too long from now, but I have no set publication date as yet.

That brings me to one last question. How many books do you have planned for the series?

I am already plotting Book Three, SCION. I currently have no intention of making this series longer than the trilogy outlined in my head, but you never know, things could change.

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Loved the first book and look forward to the next.

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