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Let's Get Started and Make Your Next Project a Killer Read!
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Reading Glasses on Book

Heavy Duty Line Editing

$4.00 per page

Heavy Duty Line Editing is major steps above light, but still short of true content editing. This level of editing includes restructuring and/or moving entire paragraphs, sections, scenes, etc.  We'll also be correcting style, flow, and grammar, and as always, all while staying true to your individual voice.

(See below for page

formatting specifications)

Green Typewriter

Light Line Editing

$2.50 per page 

This level of line editing is a step up from proofreading. It includes those cosmetic corrections to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling and punctuation, as well as correcting flow and reworking text to improve your style, all

while staying true to your individual voice.

(See below for page

formatting specifications)

Content Editing

$6.50 per page

Content/Developmental Editing is bringing out the big guns. It includes everything mentioned in the two lower levels of editing such as grammar, spelling and punctuation correction, restructuring paragraphs, sections, scenes, chapters, etc., as well as checking for plot holes, issues regarding character development, world-building, pacing, and overall content creation or story structure. We'll make sure your story arc is complete. And all this while still staying true to your voice and style.

(See below for page

formatting specifications)

Critiquing Your Manuscript

$2.00 per page 

With me, you get much more than your typical critique and miles beyond what a beta reader is meant to do for you. This is a more intense reading with comments not just from the perspective of a reader but from the perspective of a writer, editor, and mentor as well. And all while looking at story structure, plot and conflict, pacing, world building, character development, and more.

(See below for page

formatting specifications)


Book Coaching

$30.00 per hour - on an as needed basis

So you want to write a book but have no clue where to start? Or perhaps you just need help putting your story together or with your writing and/or storytelling skills? Depending on the genre of your fiction novel, I can help, from the conception of your story idea to the completion of that first draft.


My coaching is one on one, done at your pace, and never packaged. It’s all per your individual needs and desires.

Page Calculation (Formatting Specifications)

So, how does this work and how do you calculate how many pages you have?

Editing is done in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes feature, formatted as follows: one-inch margins all around, Times New Roman 12-point font, and 1.5 line spacing, on a standard letter size 8.5" x 11" page.

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And From:

Book Formatting

That's Right!

I'm now offering formatting

for both ebook and print



The prices shown include:

An unlimited number

of changes to the draft

until we've got it just as

you want it

AND an unlimited

number of corrections

to the formatting

(should any be needed)

after publication

(Note: If I've edited for you, this unlimited offer includes corrections to text. If I did not do the editing, text corrections are limited to 2 without additional charge.) 


up to 50,000 words

just $45.00


up to 150,000 words

just $70.00


up to 50,000 words

just $75.00

Formatting Print.jpg

up to 150,000 words

just $100.00


up to 50,000 words

just $100.00

Formatting Both.jpg

up to 150,000 words

just $150.00

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