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Creative Writing Workshops!

Live  -    Interactive -   Personal

All workshops (*with the exception of two - see below)

are designed as two-hour sessions for group participation 

(That means class space is limited for more personal attention) 



Simply choose

a workshop of

your choice, then contact me and we'll get it set for a time and date that works just for you!


to Choose
From with
More on the Way!

Only $25 each for every attendee in a
group workshop
or save and book 3
workshops for just $60!

One-on-one workshops are done in a coaching style,
the cost is just $30  per workshop, or save and
book 3 for only $75!

Podium with Hearts and Balls

We're Breaking Down
the Formula!

The Chemistry
of Writing a Romance Novel

This is a
3-Hour Class


Three Different 3-Part Series 
Designed for the Fiction Writer

Series One - Story Basics

Laser Scanning Book


Defining Your Story Before You Begin is Essential

When a writer has trouble defining the category(ies) their story fits into, completing and selling that story becomes a more difficult task.

*This is a 3-hour Workshop if done in a group setting

Image by sebastiaan stam


Developing Characters Your Readers Can Believe In

Readers want characters who can leap off the page and stand right beside them. Make yours four-dimensional, not flat.

New World


Show Me Everything and
Take Me Inside

Whether another world or this world, past, present or future, if you're writing fiction, you're creating a world all your own.

Series Two - Skill Sharpening

Film Clapboard


Converting Passive
Voice to Active

Don't just tell your readers a story. Show them and let their imaginations soar. 

Girl and Whale Anime


The Importance of
Visual Effects

Why and how using the five senses truly brings your story and your characters to life.

Don't Speak


Make Every Word
Worth More

Characters speak with more than just verbal dialogue. It's in their tone of voice, facial expression, and body language as well.

Series Three - Story Crafting

Man behind Broken Glass


Without Plot and Conflict
Your Story is Incomplete

If your story and characters have no purpose and no goal, they have nowhere to go, and your readers have nothing enticing them to turn the page.

House of Cards


Every Story Needs a
Beginning, Middle and End

And every good story has just the right pacing with all the ups, downs, and sticky connections needed in between to bring each element together.

Student Behind the Books


Drafting an Outline Doesn't Have to be Rocket Science

For both plotters and pantsers, and either before you begin writing or during the process, outlining is a valuable tool that shouldn't be ignored.

Workshop registration fees are non-refundable, so be sure to properly adjust the start time to your time zone. 

Two Pens on Notebook


Series One  

(Story   Basics)

What We'll Discuss During the Workshop

  • Defining Your Genre and Locking Down Your Theme

  • Why it's Important To Do Before You Write the Story

*This is a 3-hour

  • Genre Definitions (including sub-genes)

  • What Are Story Troupes and Cliched Plot Themes

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