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Interview With Five-Time Novelist, L.H. Whitlock

The first thing I have to ask is where did the idea for the Galactic Battle Series come from?

My idea for this series came from a mix of science fiction books and games. Originally, Gloria (the main character in Book Three - Protected) was more of a damsel in distress type of character, but she grew into something so much more.

I read a book once where a super badass character was also gorgeous. The other characters were constantly commenting on how she was so beautiful and couldn't get dirty; that dirt just slipped right off of her. This is where I got the inspiration for Gloria. I love that she’s confident, knows exactly who she is, and isn't afraid to show it.

I first assumed your books fell under the genre of science fiction, but they’re so much more than that, aren’t they?

I certainly hope so. I classify my books as science fiction romance and action-adventure romance. I’ve also been told that my books have a sort of space opera vibe to them.

Can you describe this series in a one-sentence synopsis?

In the midst of a war that could destroy the galaxy, two people find love. That’s my one sentence, but keep in mind it fits each book of the series individually.

With Protected being the last in the series, at least, that’s what I assume, can you tell us about how long it took you to write the first draft of Book Three?

It probably took me a good eight months to write. Of course, that’s while juggling a full-time job in a career outside of writing, as well as that age-old career of wife and mother to a two-year-old!

Are there any other books you would compare this story to within your genre?

This is a tough question for me because I generally don't compare my work to other authors. However, a fan once said that my books reminded her of S. E. Smith, which is such an amazing thing for her to say as I love S. E. Smith, and her stories have inspired me countless times.

Speaking of inspiration, who or what inspired you to write this series?

My support groups and writer friends really help inspire me to move forward. It takes a lot to write a story, and I am so grateful to have people who believe in me and hold me accountable.

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