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Member on the Move
Feb 05, 2020
In Cover Talk
My first novel was a WIP for almost a decade. What was most surprising to me was how hard it was to make the cover! I am a professional photographer, and a fairly decent graphic designer, so I thought "the cover, piece of cake!" I posted it onto a group on Facebook and they tore it to shreds! It was merciless! Everything from someone insisting I had to change the title of my book, to a mock up using my whole name despite that fact the image of my cover clearly showed I have a pen name. That was when I realized I needed professional help. Choosing a cover artist was not easy. It's like finding an editor. Weeks I searched, but it was when I met Jake, and he said, "Your cover is like a handshake to your readers." I knew he was the one. His attitude toward me, his potential client, along with his portfolio and wait list being 6 months out made it clear, he was not just good but great. Surprisingly he squeezed me in for typography. After that I reposted to the same two groups and it was like they had never seen it before. Praise galore! The funny thing was that even though I had the exact same artwork, the only difference being Jake's typography and placement. What I realized was that to some degree professional help like editing and formatting was as important outside the book as it was inside. PS. If my grammar sucks, it's because I didn't have Gina look this over first. Sorry!
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Member on the Move
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