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Apr 12, 2020
In Fantasy/Sci- Fi
Looking for feedback for the back cover of my book. Thanks for looking! Ethan Reyes never expected to find an ally in the dusty farm town his social worker landed him in, especially not with an anxiety-ridden country girl like Camryn Martin. Their chance meeting one rainy night plunges them both into a world neither of them even knew existed, a world of angels and demons and an ancient fight that threatens the very existence of mankind. The Archangel, Arael, and her spirit partner, Uriah, have been at the center of the feud between Heaven and Hell since the two angels were wrongfully exiled from Heaven centuries ago. And their fight lands close to home for Camryn and Ethan as the battles of the spiritual world seep into the physical realm when record-breaking earthquakes, floods and impending wars threaten the delicate balance of the human realm. Now, it may be up to the two teenagers to put an end to it all. As chaos rises, Camryn and Ethan struggle to figure out what role they play in this apocalyptic war between the army of Heaven and the army of fallen angels in time to save the world—and themselves—from the one who wants to destroy them all.


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