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Want To Boost Your Author Platform?

Do you have an author brand and author logo? Well, if not, why not?

As an author, you are running a business. Never forget that. And every business needs to advertise, right? After all, there are a lot of books out there for readers to choose from. So, consider this: Can you think of a single product on the shelves of your supermarket that does not have a logo or brand? I can’t. And if you think the publishing world is any different, think again.


Recognize any of those?

But let’s back up a bit and start with your author brand because your brand and your logo are not the same thing.



“What’s your Author Brand?” Have you ever been asked that question? No? Maybe it was phrased something like, “What do you write?” Ever been asked that question? I thought so.

Instead of answering with your genre or by simply saying, “I write novels,” or “I write short stories,” or something along those lines, it is much more enticing to potential readers to quote your author brand.

Your author brand should be one sentence long, no more. That sentence should relay your message and define your target audience. It should tell readers what they can expect from you as an author and what they can expect to get from your books.

Take one of your favorite authors, for example. When you purchase one of their books, you know what to expect, and in just the same way, you want your work to be unique and distinctly you.

Your author brand should be a snapshot of how you present yourself and your books to the world. Think of it as a way of instilling an emotional connection with your audience, no matter the emotions your books provoke.

The brand you decide on will become the impression you make on readers and publishing professionals with every interaction you have on social media, in face-to-face meetings and, of course, in your publications.

If you’re not sure what your author brand should say about you and the stories you write, ask a few of your loyal readers what they expect when they pick up one of your books. If you haven’t gained those readers as yet, no problem. Building an author brand and creating that author logo are both big steps in building your author platform.

So, ask yourself these questions:

·       What aspects of my stories do I want to stand out?

·      What personality traits and passions will resonate with my target audience?

·       Who do I want to reach through my writing?

·       What’s my message to the world?

Once you’ve created the perfect brand for you and your stories, you should incorporate that brand into your logo, website, social media pages, business cards, bookmarks, and more.

When designing how that brand will appear in all those places, design wisely. Your brand lexicon should convey the tone, style, and content of your stories, as well as your author personality. So, just as you do when designing your book covers, be conscious of your font and color choices.

And don’t just copy another author. Instead, be creative, just as you are in your writing and create the perfect author brand to reflect you and the stories you tell.



If you’ve already decided on the author brand that’s just right for you, then you’re well on your way to designing the perfect logo. However, if you’re still working on discovering the author brand that fits you best, then perhaps some of these tips for creating an author logo will help.

Your author logo goes a long way in helping you to become memorable, and it also presents a professional front. Plus, just think about what a recognizable author logo could do for your marketing and how it can boost the establishment of your author brand.

Recognize these?               

So, where do we use these logos? Well, just to name a few obvious places, consider the following:

·        Your Author Website

·        A Header on Your Email Lists and Signature Line on Emails

·        Business Cards, Bookmarks, Stickers and Other Author Swag

·    All Your Social Media Pages, Profile or Timeline Pictures

·        Book Covers, Book Jackets, Trailers, Promos and More

Creating your author logo may seem simple at first glance, and for some, the perfect logo idea just might pop into their heads with ease. But I caution you to take your time and consider every aspect that goes into it before you advertise that logo far and wide.

When done properly, your author logo can prove to be a tremendous asset in building your reputation and your brand.

First, and this is pretty obvious, but still needs to be said, make sure your author logo accurately reflects your author brand and is cohesive with that brand.

Second, keep it simple. You know the saying, less is more? Well, when referring to an author logo, less goes a long way. You don’t want your logo to be too busy, hard to read or difficult to decipher.

Third, when considering colors and font styles, consider carefully and be sure to keep your genre in mind. Also, refer back to the previous tip of keeping it simple. Too many colors or more than one font on a logo is too much.

And fourth, keep in mind the size and scale of your author logo, which will more often appear in thumbnail scale wherever it’s seen. Be objective and be sure others can easily decipher what they see there.

Test market that brand and logo with family, friends, and more specifically with your author friends and your reading audience. See if they feel what you’re considering accurately reflects you and your books.

Build that author platform, and soon, you’ll be soaring to new heights on those bookshelves!


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